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Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm "THAT" person....

Sometimes I wish I made up half the stuff I tell people about...

Honestly I think it's because I'm so ADHD. I blame that. I listen to everything around me and can't focus on one person or thing so I hear a lot of stuff i think most people wouldn't pay attention to.

Today: I call up my hair place. I get a lot of pretty intense stuff done to my hair so I prefer to put it in the hands of professionals. I tried my hand at my own hair and realized I just can't do it... so it's on them.

The girl answers the phone in that super chipper excited voice (you know like the Progressive commercials... except this Flo is blonde with a fake tan) and proceeds with the voice until she asks what I'm getting done. "It's the girl with the pink hair"

"Oh." Deadpan. From "I took mommy's prozzak" to "who killed my pupppy" in 7 words.

I don't think they dont like me... I think their clients aren't fond of me and the conversations we have while I'm in the salon. Not my fault... they ask and i have no shame!

At least I know I've reached that point where referring to either my hair or eye make up gets instant recognition.

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