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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Even in death...

I had a thought while conversing with a friend about his Grandmothers memorial service. I joke about the insane thing I would do at my wedding... which is funny and all that, (and really it would be memorable. I'll tell you about it sometime.) but somehow it's not as important to me as how I'm remembered.

I realized, in the grand scheme of how my remains are dealt with when I'm dead and gone I want to be cremated and my ashes spread in the same place as my Grandfather.

But most importantly I want to pick the music playlist for my memorial. I dont' care about ANYTHING else. I hope that my friends and relatives tell the most insane goofy stories about me they can possible tell. I dont care if it mildly insults my memory. People better remember me for all those times I made them laugh.

In the grand scheme of things though... I don't want my memorial ruined by shitty music. I don't think I'm nearly as afraid of my own death as I am about people misunderstanding what sort of music best represents me. Because really, if you can't judge a person by their favorite songs what can you judge them by?

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